Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Reasons for having a Site: The Hidesign Story

I have often wondered why do companies have websites. Is it to have a fancy online brochure for ready reference or for blocking a domain name to preempt mischief. Today i was going through the website of a very famous leather goods manufacturer of India - Hidesign. The website is very stylishly designed but again as i said earlier, I am unable to understand the purpose of the site. It seems they have made it because they have to make it. I introduces the company as a stylish proponent of its craft but falls short of providing a marketing platform for its products.

Hidesign as I understand is into direct retail of its products both in India and worldwide through their own boutiques. I am not sure if they are also taking bulk orders for their designs from other customers/retailers. The Products page has one photo each in all product category. Their is a link to Hidesign Couture which shows the products without any reference nos. This site is not geared to generate a business enquiry, which is a pity, given the rock solid brand name of the company and great designs.

I would like to suggest to the management that they should try creating two sites one corporate site and one site which could have more useful information for a probable client. May be called "Hidesign Commercial". I feel this can be instrimental in getting them a lot of positive business leads.

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