Monday, November 24, 2008

Beat the economy blues with an online presence

The first thing I would recommend for anyone who would like to fight the economic downturn is to have a web presence.
  • If you sell something, use the web to do it.
  • If it cannot be sold on the web, you could still generate leads on probable buyers.
  • If you have a low cost mass market product use the web to connect to your customers, also to take feedbacks.
  • If you are a service provider, explain the benefit that a customer will get by taking the service from you.
  • If you are self employed create your profile and publish your client testimonials.
  • If you are a big corporate, establish a web space where you communicate you group philosophy and communicate both with your employees as well as your customers.
  • If you are a writer/journalist/or anyone else who wants to establish themselves as an authority among their peer group, start blogging.
  • If you are an artist/painter/sculpter etc. put up your entire work on the net along with your profile previous showings and future plans.
  • If you are an actor/theatre personality, create you profile on the web with links to clips from your various performances posted on youtube.
  • If you are a singer/music composer, try to make as much of your work available online as possible.
  • If you are a hairstylist/dress designer/makeup artist etc., you could have photographs of various styles created, well known clients, awards etc. mentioned.

To sum up anyone and everyone who is in the fight to survive, can do something on the web to help him in his/her endeavour.

If you think you have no use for the web, think again.....

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